KAINA creates generational music that surpasses borders, a unified expression of her native Chicago, and her Venezuelan and Guatemalan heritage. This cultural fusion is best illustrated on her 2019 debut full-length album Next To The Sun—a project that established her as a leader in a movement of artists whose work hinges on identity and representation.


From her debut EP, 2016’s sweet asl. to 2018’s 4U, and Next To The Sun, KAINA has continued to push this narrative through her brand of sweet-hearted optimism, which she uses to uplift and build community. Over the years, she has crafted a sound that is gentle, yet full of intent, and built a songwriting practice that explores love, legacy, and ancestry.

Her newest single, “Casita” is no different. Produced by Chicago’s Luke Titus and Sen Morimoto, the early 2000’s pop and R&B-inspired song sees KAINA reflect on her modest upbringing, and the loss of sharing space with her family and friends, as these trying times have made it difficult to do so.

“‘Casita’ is about all the people I miss,” KAINA says. “I miss sharing space in my home, staying up way too late talking shit and laughing — I miss sharing my mother’s cooking with friends and family.”

The Chicago singer recently signed to the international independent label City Slang, and is gearing up to release more new music for her fans.