8 Bit Human, the new video by Casper Clausen

January 21, 2021

Following the recent release of his debut album 'Better Way' via City Slang, Casper Clausen, frontman of Efterklang and adjacent project Liima, shares a new video for single "8 Bit Human".

Clausen commented on the two tracks, saying: "They were composed in similar time and head space, although 8 Bit Human definitely belongs more in the big city. While making it I had these images in my mind of skyscrapers, hordes of people and cars, takeaway cups, new drugs, higher self ideals, the latest face oil, former lovers and grandiose ideas like a putting a car in space. I started to fall in love with the duality between that pumping city life and the exploration of outer space; the similar fuel that kinda drives both vehicles.

"For the video I teamed up with the same friends I did Used to think video with. We tried to somehow visualize those scenarios from the song and our love for cars, although with limited resources due to the current situation we went with a provincial Belgian countryside setting in place of big city glamour. Also I don’t have a driving license which didn’t help the shoot... but I’m very proud of what we achieved, hope you’ll enjoy it too."

📹: Cynthia Coessens, Edited by Andrew de Freitas.

Caspers debut record ‘Better Way’ is out now!⁠⠀

“A frequently seductive first solo outing… The internationalism is reflected by the music’s diversity.” - MOJO

“An engaging mishmash of krautrock and space ballads” - Uncut

"These are hearty pop-rock songs at their core, but they seem to exist in dreams or alternate dimensions, layering elements of krautrock, shoegaze, post-punk, and various kinds of electronic dance music in consistently engaging ways." - Stereogum (album of the week)

"A stunning debut that pulls you down into its depths before rising up reborn." - FutureMusic

"A kaleidoscopic, multi-faceted debut... An absorbing trek, this a full sonic experience." - CLASH