Anna B Savage, Dead Pursuits - OUT NOW!⁠

June 22, 2020

Dead Pursuits by Anna B Savage's - New Track and Video - OUT NOW!⁠⁠

The track was written during a low point of self-esteem for Savage as she grappled with imposter syndrome in the period following the success of her 2015 debut EP, which was praised by press internationally and quickly caught the attention of Father John Misty and later Jenny Hval, both of whom brought Savage out on tours.

This track is very special, it holds a lot of meaning for Anna and is one she is very proud of. The video was made by @_carolina_aguirre_ ⁠

⁠⁠A word from Carolina on the video -⁠ "I feel an incredible amount of catharsis to have made something so beautiful and emotive from such a low point, and for that song to have prompted such an incredible, affecting visual companion.”⁠

“Anna’s courage to sit in the dark material inspired me to do the same for the film, and I sifted through the nightmare with ink, transforming it into something else."⁠

Watch in full at the link below