Au Suisse debut record coming August 19th!

June 01, 2022

Au Suisse announce their upcoming self titled debut 'Au Suisse' today! Incoming on August 19th 🖤⁠⁠ Pre-order here!

Au Suisse is the new collaboration is between Morgan Geist (Metro Area / Storm Queen) & Kelley Polar!⁠⁠

⁠⁠“We're discovered we’re both capable of doing this stuff on our own, but it's far more inspirational doing it together. Getting the emotional balance right—that was the greatest challenge, and the most fun.” - Morgan Geist ⁠⁠

With that, hear 'Savage, the new single, out now! ⁠⁠

"Savage," the second single from Au Suisse, builds a lush, distant world full of exquisite sonic detail. Kelley Polar's echoing voice recounts a lonely tale of longing and regret among the stars, cresting unexpectedly in a final harmonic turn. "Savage" chugs through the liminal space between cosmic disco's synthetic heartbeat and the woolly timbres of AOR, adorned with bursts of optimistic, golden Rhodes and sweeps of melancholic guitar.

Savage is the second single of the upcoming self titled Au Suisse album to be released August 19th!

The photo on the album artwork is by the British photographer Brian Griffin the artwork design itself is by Trevor Jackson.