'Death of a Cheerleader' is out today! ⁠❣️❣️❣️

June 25, 2021

IT'S TIME! Pom Pom Squad's new album - 'Death of a Cheerleader' is out today! We couldn't be happier to be apart of their journey, what a special record and band. Go listen today!⁠

...“a phenomenal lesson in modern grunge.” - Billboard

“14 tracks unrelenting in their drama, sounding bigger and brighter than Pom Pom Squad ever has, spanning Misfits-style punk bursts, longer grunge ballads, and a lot of pop.” - Stereogum

“...galvanizing treatise on feminine awakening in a world that would rather keep your eyes shut.” - The Fader

“Meet Mia Berrin, the force behind Pom Pom Squad — and one of 2021’s fiercest new albums.” - NYLON

“Pom Pom Squad Create a Cinematic Masterpiece with Death of a Cheerleader” - Paste