‘DEATH OF A CHEERLEADER’ - new album from Pom Pom Squad 25.06!

April 20, 2021

Today, Pom Pom Squad (the Brooklyn-based four-piece led by the powerhouse Mia Berrin) announces the new album ‘Death Of a Cheerleader' set to drop June 25th. A sonic collage of deeply personal odes to self-identity, raucous lashings against society’s BS, and snapshots of messy, complicated and fraying love affairs, ‘Death Of a Cheerleader’ will be their first record following their recent signing to City Slang Records.

Produced by Sarah Tudzin of Illuminati Hotties and co-produced by Berrin herself, it’s a record that plays out like an exorcism in front of your bathroom mirror -- confronting the dark we’ve had planted within us and then ripping it out, all while watching every second of it. It’s vulnerable yet triumphant, deliciously irreverent & inviting yet sneering in the faces of those that had once tried to define her. First single “Lux” was unanimously praised by press including Stereogum who called it “a serrated blast of noise in which Berrin takes someone to task with glee” and The Fader who said “come for the scrappy punk reimagining of The Virgin Suicides, stay for Pom Pom Squad's galvanizing treatise on feminine awakening in a world that would rather keep your eyes shut.”

With today’s announcement, Pom Pom Squad also drops the next album cut “Head Cheerleader”, a grungy track of defiance about trading a desire for external approval/acceptance for self-actualization, which also includes backing vocals by Tegan Quin.

The video for the song plays into the dichotomy between our authentic selves and what we think society expects of us, as Berrin performs & cries cartoonish tears amidst a backdrop of plastic flowers, a grave, marching band uniforms, and a giant pink cake. The video’s outro also gives a sneak peek of another upcoming track off the album.