EMA shares second track "Dark Shadows" from her upcoming EP "Outtakes from Exile".

January 16, 2018

EMA returns to Europe this week to kick off a tour with Depeche Mode, but first she shares a second track from forthcoming EP, ‘Outtakes From Exile’, which will be released on February 2nd via City Slang.

“I wrote “Dark Shadows” for the film 20th Century Women” explains Erika M. Anderson. “ There was a moment when they were looking for a band to play in a punk club and thought maybe EMA would be a good fit. That didn’t end up happening, but I was intrigued by the premise — badass women living in 1970s Santa Barbara getting into punk. That’s all I knew! But I wrote the song with that in mind.  I think of it as a survivor song, someone leaving a dark past behind, emerging again into the world. Whoever it is they definitely are wearing sunglasses.”

'Outtakes From Exile' EP track list:
1. Dark Shadows
2. MopTops (Twist While The World Stops)
3. I Don't Treat Anything Good
4. From The Love That We Made
5. Breathalyzer Instrumental (EMA long cut)