First album in nearly 6 years from José González

April 14, 2021

José González has today announced the release of his eagerly awaited fourth solo studio album. His first album in more than six years, Local Valley will arrive via City Slang on 17 September 2021. Along with the announcement he has shared new single 'Visions'.

Pre-order / Listen to Visions here

Speaking of the track José says: "We are the apes that are starting to understand the universe and our place in it. We are changing our surroundings in an exceedingly rapid pace, so much that we’re becoming stewards of our planet whether we like it or not. As Stewart Brand said “We are as gods and we have to get good at it.

The lyrics came to me in early February 2020 just as there were more and more tweets about the possible pandemic. The topic of the song felt very timely. You can hear the birds and ambient sounds from the veranda, along with a layer of synth loops in the background."

José González’s stellar career can only be described as a dream. It’s easy to overlook the fact that, despite only three solo albums in 18 years, he has packed out distinguished venues from Sydney to Tallinn – via Berlin, Barcelona and Rio De Janeiro – and even sold out London’s prestigious, 4000+ capacity Royal Albert Hall a full three years after his last acclaimed collection, 2015’s Vestiges & Claws. He’s earned platinum records in the UK and his Swedish homeland as well gold in Australia and New Zealand. He’s also got some billion streams under his belt, and recent bewildering events have only endeared him further to the public, with his songs providing a consistent source of comfort over the last 18 months, something reflected by a significant rise in those streaming figures. González’s warm, intimate voice and tender harmonies, underlined by a dextrously plucked Spanish guitar and muted percussion, deliver profoundly thoughtful lyrics largely revolving around ideas of civilisation, humanism, and solidarity. A sincere, artful performer whose singular approach to songwriting and sonics sets him worlds apart, José González is in a class by himself.