Fuku is out now!

April 12, 2021

Lambchop debuts Showtunes centerpiece “Fuku” and its short film on The FADER here.

Feast your eyes and ears on the exciting second preview from Lambchop’s upcoming new album Showtunes! Co-written by Lambchop’s Kurt Wagner and Cologne producer and DJ Twit One, Fuku is a highly imaginative and immersive experience that blends sounds both natural and synthetic. Its short film was conceived and directed by Doug Anderson and involves three characters who awaken from a torpor induced by a successful ritual, a powerful drug, or an unending rehearsal.

Anderson had this to say about his film:

I heard Kurt’s song and was absolutely in love. “Fuku” evokes all of the things that the musical theater reaches for but is incapable of representing: the desire, longing, and impossibility of really falling in love. It reminded me of the truth in Walter Pater’s “All art constantly aspires towards the condition of music.” Pure and abstract.

The characters in the video try and fail to communicate their experiencethey possess nothing and are incapable of giving that nothing to another. Attempting to evoke coherence from the inconsistent, disparate, and stupid. They persist.