GOLD PANDA - “I’ve Felt Better (Daniel Avery Remix)”

August 10, 2022

Following on from his recent single "I've Felt Better (Than I Do Now)", today Gold Panda is sharing a Daniel Avery rework of the track, which is out now! 

Speaking about the collaboration, Daniel Avery says:

"I first met Derwin (Gold Panda) shortly after moving to London some fifteen years ago. He was already streets ahead of all of us at that stage, seemingly making a new, perfectly-formed piece of emotive electronica every single day and I don’t think he’s stopped since. Apart from being a good mate, Gold Panda is genuinely one of my favourite artists and it was a pleasure to remix this track, pushing it a bit deeper into the strobe light.”

Adding to this, Gold Panda says:

"It's such an honour to have a remix by Dan. We worked together at the legendary north London record shop Pure Groove a long time ago when I still had hair. I remember him arriving at the store fresh faced even after his long nights djing at hip places like the Lock Tavern and The End, it's great to see him taking his love and knowledge of music worldwide and turn that energy into some of the most exciting music around. I've been lucky enough to work with him on a few tracks but it's great to finally get an official Daniel Avery remix (and it's a banger!) from a good friend and all round lovely person."

Written and recorded over the last twelve months at his new studio at home in East London, “I’ve Felt Better (Then I Do Now)” sounds like exactly what it is: a fresh and energised Gold Panda, and an exciting hint of what else is to come in 2022.