Happy release day Nada Surf

February 07, 2020

Today Nada Surf return with their ninth studio album 'Never Not Together'.

Which includes the singles ‘So Much Love’ and ‘Something I Should Do’. ⁠

Listen / Purchase at the link in below!


With their new album, Nada Surf— Matthew Caws, Daniel Lorca, Ira Elliot, and their longtime friend and collaborator Louie Lino—continue pursuing their humanistic vision of the world through hooky, catchy rock songs with sharply drawn, yet tenderly felt lyrics. Never Not Together, out today, is a wide-ranging collection of songs that revel in the group's ability to evoke and reflect grand and intricately wrought emotions, whether through sweeping guitar solos or hushed-whisper vocals.⁠

“Nada Surf’s cathartic heartbursts remain in perfect harmony.” ⁠
★★★★ MOJO⁠

“The best album of their career… Never Not Together is fabulous.” ⁠
★★★★★ Shindig⁠

“Fragile, self-confessional vocals, chiming guitars, punchy drums and soaring harmonies.” ⁠
9/10 Long Live Vinyl⁠

“Majestic… Matthew Caws’ deeply philosophical and moving lyrics seem to capture the very essence of life and humanity.” ⁠
★★★★ Record Collector⁠