I can’t believe we still have to protest this sh*t

June 30, 2022

Image from Chloe Wise : “Time magazine photograph of the Supreme Court of America happily sentencing a Disney princess to life in prison” generated by Dall-E

We have taken some time to reflect on the decisions made by the US Supreme Court last week. Their reversal of Roe v Wade is a haunting sentencing we feel in our bones, as it signals the systematic stripping of rights to bodily autonomy and privacy, the ensuring of widespread illness and fear, the continuous instalment of a cast system on the richest country in the world and beyond.

As a label, we pledge to continue to raise voices of people who dissent against this abominable court and the injustices we are now forced to fight against, on record and in partnership. We will provide more information on ways we plan to support localised abortion access, including our incredible friends at Fund Texas Choice. ✊

For now, we humbly offer you a soundtrack to our collective outrage: 60 songs of different eras which reflect ideas for a future we will not rest until we see. Solidarity to people in the USA and around the world fighting for access to abortion and the other protections that this historic ruling provided. • Link in bio via @ppact to donate / support •

Listen to the playlist:  cityslang.lnk.to/songswelove

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