Imarhan's new single 'Achinkad', is out now!

October 13, 2021

Announce details of their third album, ‘Aboogi’ and share video for ‘Achinkad’!

Imarhan have announced details of the release of their third album, Aboogi, which is released on City Slang on Friday 28th January 2022, and today the band have shared a stunning video for Achinkad, the first track from the record.


Talking about Achinkad the band said:

"It’s a tribute to Kel Tamasheq people and to the desert of the Hoggar, parts of our identity. The Tuaregs travel through the times and they are always here, present to their land, faithful to their people, grateful to their ancestors, to their culture and fully, heavily attached to their nature.” - Sadam of Imarhan⁠