Jakuzi 'Yangın' (Fire)

February 20, 2019

Today Istanbul Synth Pop ambassadors Jakuzi return with another perfectly pastel-colored anthem for the meek at heart: “Yangın” (“Fire”) With the second single off of the upcoming Jakuzi album 'Hata Payı’ the bands incredible mix of synth pop and dark wave reaches a new peak which is promptly adorned with the first ever half-time crescendo moment in synth pop history (2:37). The songs lyrics deal with the feeling of being stuck and going in circles Kutay Soyocak: "My life is in a process of development and i am trying to go somewhere i would like to be. As this process progresses, a personal defect of mine distracts my attention and all of a sudden, i start watching it and that stops me. I am getting passive.” The hauntingly uneventful yet intriguing 3D animated “visual companion video” underlines this surreal experience as it showcases singer Kutay Soyocak frozen in a seemingly bugged reality: