October 25, 2018

Jessica Pratt has today announced her third album Quiet Signs will be released on 8 February via City Slang. Along with the announcement she has shared "This Time Around", the album's warm, gently beautiful lead track.

The timeless first single feels like one of those intimate conversations that happen after the others have left and its too late to be anything but honest. The song's spare brilliance recalls the Brazilian master Caetano Veloso; a handful of deep guitar chords and some subtle strings set the stage for Pratt's confessional, quiet resolve.

Jessica Pratt is not a loud performer. She does not have to be. In a club of a few hundred, even the bar staff are known to go quiet while she's on stage. Quiet Signs, feels like a distillation of this power.

"On some level I considered an audience while making the last record (2015's On Your Own Love Again)," she writes, "but my creative world was still very private then and I analysed the process less. This was the first time I approached writing with the idea of a cohesive record in mind."

Quiet Signs is also Pratt's first album fully recorded in a professional studio setting, her songs and guitar arrangements have been pared back to include only what is essential, while the home recorded haze of previous efforts parts to reveal the full scope of her vision. Quiet Signs is the journey of an artist stepping out of the darkened wings, growing comfortable as a solitary figure on a sprawling stage.

The album was written in Los Angeles and recorded at Gary's Electric in Brooklyn, NY over 2017/2018. It was co-produced by Al Carlson, who contributes flute, organ and piano. Matt McDermott also played piano and string synthesiser.

2018 EU Tour Dates:

7 November - London, UK @ St Matthias Church

8 November - Brussels, BE @ Botanique, A rotonde

9 November - Utrecht, NL @ Le Guess Who Festival

11 November - Berlin, DE @ Funkhaus