Lambchop - 'FLOTUS' Out Today

November 04, 2016

Lambchop are officially back, with what is undoubtedly one of the best albums of their career.

"A remarkable case of sonic reinvention” The Independent
"FLOTUS still sounds like Lambchop, even when it sounds nothing like they have done before, filled with warmth, wistful nostalgia and soft, autumnal light” The Guardian
“A natural continuation of the Lambchop legacy" 4/5 The Times
"As lush and gorgeous as any of their past work” 8.0 Pitchfork
"FLOTUS is highly processed, highly textured--and yet for the most part, it sounds surprisingly natural and unforced.” 4/5 Album of The Month - MOJO
"An album which may turn out to be one of their best and most accessible.” 4/5 Album of The Month - Uncut Magazine