Lambchop’s take on Stevie Wonder’s “Golden Lady”

October 20, 2020

For Lambchop’s special TRIP LP (out November 13 via City Slang), each member of the band assembled over the last two albums was tasked with choosing one song for the band to cover and leading the recording session. Lambchop head honcho Kurt Wagner says, "My idea was to see what might happen if I removed myself from the process as much as possible. In doing so, what surfaced would be elements that have always been there but maybe got overshadowed by my songwriting and approach."

Lambchop’s drummer and saxophonist Andy Stack (also of Wye Oak and Joyero) looked to the Stevie Wonder catalogue and brought 'Golden Lady' off 1973’s Innervisions to the table. The result is delightfully woozy, coating the composition in skittering hi-hats and electronic flourishes, and extending it to nearly seven minutes. The track follows the previously shared cover of Wilco's 'Reservations'.

Trip, the new record,⁠ will be released November 13th, 2020 🌹⁠⠀⁠⠀
Link in bio to listen / pre-order⁠ TRIP below!⠀