Liima - 1982 - Out Now!

November 03, 2017

Fresh off a European tour with Grizzly Bear, Danish/Finnish band Liima -- featuring the three members of Efterklang and rummer Tatu Rönkkö -- released their second album 1982 today on City Slang worldwide! Read all about the album in this beautiful stereogum feature!

We're very happy to have these guys on City Slang now, they're not only the absolute bestest guys on the planet, they're also incredible musicians. This album 1982 (co-produced with Chris Taylor of Grizzly Bear) is one to behold, one to keep, and cherish througout the winter and we strongly encourage you, to check it out, now!

LIIMA are celebrating with a party and showcase tonight in Copenhagen and in Berlin over the weekend with two more secret shows. European tour is following in January and March.