Liima - Jonathan, I Can't Tell You Video

February 28, 2018

Ahead of there upcoming tour, Liima is very excited to finally unroll the brand new video for "Jonathan I Can't Tell You" by there friend, the incredibly talented director Catarina Neves Ricci.

Catarina Neves Ricci (director): I always intended to bring to image the relevance of one’s intimate, sacred, and private spheres. When in intimate space, we lose ourselves to a more sensual and erotic dynamics; allow indulgence (on time, food, interaction); we easier allow ourselves to dance, touch; we naturally go for cozier dynamics. When indoors, in our zone, time is usually more slow paced, the perception of time and space are also different as we interact with it in a different way: be naked around, lay on the floor, sit on tables instead, do nothing. There’s a beauty in the private and intimate spaces that we all recognize because we all need it. Jonathan, I Can’t Tell You is a moment to allow ourselves; to lose ourselves into an uncomplexed, indulgent  and more feminine universe. With no repressions of any kind.
I am very pleased with the video for Jonathan, I Can’t Tell You. I find it fresh, strong-minded, sexual, with some pagan female power in it. We were both, me and Liima, through different tools and languages, wanting to approach the same issues: intimacy, sexuality, self - expression, and I offered the female voice and approach to it.