Metal, the new single from ZOUJ.

August 04, 2022

ZOUJ drops new video + single called 'Metal'.
Watch the Yasemin Said-directed cinematic video for the title track below!

“Metal” tells the story of someone who, in order to be truly safe and unable to feel pain, creates a world of full control. Zouj embodies different personas throughout the video - the concierge of the hotel, the rich guy in the suite and the bass player of the hotel band. One managing the place, the other one spending money and the last one performing and entertaining. As the video unfolds at the end: The only true friend that can relate to him is a robot. - Yasemin Said, Video Director

I saw this weird robot at an atelier in Leipzig and wondered how it would sound if it had a song. I was interested in terms of production that the entire thing breathes a lot organically and has these ups and downs in dynamics that would feel like a feather hovering up and down. “Metal“ being a genre of music and a material very far away from what the song sounds like even though I used Synthesized Metallophones, is quite a joke on it‘s own. The rest of the meaning can be found in the lyrics, it’s pretty straight forward. - Adam Abdelkader Lenox, Zouj

ZOUJ on tour throughout Europe as a 5-piece band in September and October!

ZOUJ tour dates

17.09.22 FR Orleans Hop Pop Hop

20.09.22 NL Rotterdam Worm

22.09.22 BE Gent Vooruit

23.09.22 NL Amsterdam Cinetol

24.09.22 DE Hamburg Golden Pudel

25.09.22 DE Leipzig Naumanns

27.09.22 DE Köln Jaki

28.09.22 DE Berlin Berghain Kantine

05.10.22 UK London Shacklewell Arms

06.10.22 UK Liverpool Quarry

08.10.22 DE Karlsruhe Kohi

10.10.22 FR Paris Supersonic

11.10.22 DE Mainz Schon Schön

13.10.22 DE Nürnberg Kantine

14.10.22 DE München 10 Year Milla Festival

15.10.22 DE Regensburg Ostentor Kino

16.10.22 SK Bratislava Nova Cvernovka

29.09.22 CZ Prague Bike Jesus

18.10.22 HR Zagreb Kset

19.10.22 HU Budapest A38

20.10.22 RS Ljubjana Kino Šiška

22.10.22 DE Schorndorf Manufaktur