New single from ZOUJ coming at ya!⁠

March 03, 2021

We have a new single from ZOUJ coming at ya!⁠


⁠It's called ‘j0_0j’ (pronounced joooj) 😈⁠

This track was important in the genesis of ZOUJ, it came together as a whole and encouraged Lenox to further follow his path. It also spawned his artist name "The absurd smiley ‘j0_0j’ is translatable to "Jouj" which means "two" in Moroccan Arabic. ⁠Which gave me the name of Zouj which also means "two” in a different moroccan arabic dialect.. ⁠

⁠It was inspired by a Moroccan tape from the 90s called "Wahid Junior", where a severely autotuned child voice is the lead singer.“ ⁠

The visuals are by Franz Iimpler & follows our titular character through a twisted alternative reality! Enjoy!