New Dan Mangan Single "Troubled Mind"

June 15, 2018

This new Dan Mangan single is pure 1f525.png🔥

#TroubledMind is about the struggle to maintain any kind of mental equilibrium in the day-to-day as we are bombarded with fake news, sensationalized swipe-culture and increased access to the woes of the world. As the inflation of urgency increases, so does our capacity and appetite for it. It might also be my most dance-able song, and I wanted to indulge that whim with the lyric video. I thought it would be funny to see people whose body language was in complete contrast to the lyrics - both in denial of the troubled mind, as well as in defiance against it.

Dan Mangan on tour with Laura Gibson

"What the hell is wrong with everybody right now? Everywhere I look, it’s the same sound"