New Floating Points remixes of 'Never Come Back' and 'Sister'!!

June 30, 2020

Today, Caribou shares the new Floating Points remixes of 'Never Come Back' and 'Sister'!!

⁠Two Caribou remix 12"'s will be released on July 31st - one containing both Floating Points remixes & one containing the Four Tet and Morgan Geist remixes of 'Never Come Back'. ⁠

Listen / Pre-order at the link in below!

Speaking of the track Snaith says:

"At first Sam asked for the parts for 'Sister' - the most intimate and personal track off my album Suddenly - and reworked it using the voices of my mother and my sister that I sampled from an old cassette for my childhood - but having turned that into a hypnotic, meditative beautiful thing, he came back and asked for the parts for 'Never Come Back' and sent me a whatsapp of him working on the track in his studio with the caption 'Bass drum Making my lights dim!' and turned in a certified banger of a remix. Was I surprised Sam did two great remixes instead of one? No - anyone who knows Sam will tell you he does everything at a standard that surpasses all expectations. I was definitely happy though!'"