New remix of Roosevelt's new single 'Sign' by Alex Metric is out now.

July 30, 2020

In June, celebrated producer & electronic music maestro Roosevelt (Marius Lauber) introduced “Sign”, his first new single since his sophomore album, 2018’s ‘Young Romance’. Skillfully synthesizing dance floor sensibility and reflective songwriting, today he turns to the Grammy-winning UK producer Alex Metric (Dua Lipa, Parcels, Foals, Ellie Goulding, Honne) for a deft club workout that fuses the heartache of the original with an industrial edge.

I've always been a fan of Alex Metric's remixes and was very excited to hear he wanted to do a remix of 'Sign'. My original track is very club-influenced, and there are a lot of elements, like the bass line and the vocal samples, that have a house feeling to them. I was very pleased when I heard that he emphasized those elements. It definitely feels like a version of 'Sign' that emphasized the influences I had while recording the original - and it's one of my favourite remixes of my own music that I've ever released. - Marius Lauber

As soon as the opening lines and chords of the original started I knew I could bring the emotion of the song into my world. Thats what Im always looking for in a remix like this. Really pleased with how it turned out! - Alex Metric

Listen at the link below!