NEW TRACK ALERT - 'The 20 Teens' by WIVES

May 29, 2019

The Queens, NY-based four-piece has also shared a new single “The 20 Teens;” singer/guitarist Jay Beach cites hearing A Flock Of Seagulls blaring at a Bushwick restaurant and thinking all of the lyrics might as well have been, “This is the ‘80s, this is the ‘80s,” and took his own stab at doing a track for the 2010s. “The 20 Teens” follows a stoned narrator enveloped by delusions of grandeur before being brought back down to earth, the chorus an exalted refrain of mundanity. Listen 👉 HERE.

This song is the third single release this year, following “Workin'” and “Waving Past Nirvana,”.

Watch the video for “The 20 Teens” 👉 here!