NO NEWS ON TV by Noga Erez - OUT NOW ⁠

June 23, 2020

NO NEWS ON TV by Noga Erez - OUT NOW ⁠

The track is seamlessly guided by Noga and Ori's sleek production and provides a warning against apathy and giving into paralysis and fear, particularly now when there is so much to care about. The song’s music video, which is also out now, is a lesson in what happens when we seek apathy’s illusion of peace of mind.

Noga calls the song 'A children's song for adults' because it shows a naive, utopian reflection of reality. 'I just needed to have a song like that. An escape song. But what was an escape song to me a few months back became an absurd, critical and provoking song to me. It now sounds to me more like a frantic search to close myself off and separate myself from the real world.'⁠

Noga and Ori Rousso wrote this song a few months ago in lockdown. We hope you enjoy watching it as much as we did 🐻⁠

Watch in full at the link below!