Noga Erez is back with new track and video "Bad Habits"!

June 05, 2018

New track Bad Habits" sees Noga Erez shifting up a gear from the edgy political pop of her highly-praised 2017 debut album ‘Off The Radar’ (City Slang). Through gritted teeth she warns: “My my, nowhere to go, please talk to me / I can’t hear, no line, trigger finger, stand by”  before unleashing a grimy and visceral tirade of pent up rage at the year 2018.

Bad Habits” is written from a place where one feels they’ve lost all direction and meaning” Erez explains. “2018, so far, feels to me like living in a place that continues to go down a sloppy road that leads to the loss of any core values that we have grown up with. "Bad Habits" is an adult adaption of a "teen rage against the world" song... a raw and instinctive release of negative energy through a passionate and cathartic blast of anger.”

Listen to & watch “Bad Habits” here:

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