Noga Erez premieres striking video for "Off The Radar"

May 16, 2017

With two shows at The Great Escape this Friday and a new June London show just announced, today Tel Aviv’s fast-rising star, NOGA EREZ, NPR has premiered a striking and surreal video for “Off The Radar”.

“Off The Radar” is the title track from her forthcoming debut album, to be released on June 2nd via City Slang.

"The video takes place at a bizarre sports event where all the participants are weird and eccentric creatures,” says Erez. “We wanted to create a world that shows characters who are trapped in a loop of trying to prove themselves. The judges of this contest are faceless. They express their approval by their moving hands, though you can't really tell whether they like or dislike the performances. It's a very festive looking, yet very alienated world."

Directors Eden Kalif and Daniella Meroz add that it “deals with the concept of being judged, and the perceived necessity of having to meet the expectations of others. The characters perform in a ‘competition’ that has no real ending or winner, just like we feel when we put ourselves deep in the race of life.”