Noga Erez shares 'Story'⁠ today!

March 10, 2021

Noga Erez shares 'Story'⁠ today featuring her partner in crime Ori Rousso🕺💃🏼⁠

Story is a snappy, addictive song about how couples relationships are always a relationship between two people’s past and present. "Everyone brings their past experiences to the relationship even if things are great" Erez comments. "Sometimes past situations come in and take over."

As with the album's previous singles "End of the Road", "VIEWS feat. Reo Cragun & ROUSSO,” "NO news on TV feat. ROUSSO" and "You So Done," "Story" is brought to life with a captivating video, starring Erez and ROUSSO, who also provides vocals on the track.

"ROUSSO is my partner in music as well as my partner in life" she explains. "This is the first time we tell a story about our relationship in a song and video. It’s a song about a couple fighting and how, in that situation, sometimes what you hear the other person say is not what they actually said. The making of this video was a 10-day couples therapy session for us. As we rehearsed the pretend fighting and martial arts moves we knew that, at times, one of us would get punched just a little too hard. It was so intense and interesting to live in this world, where our relationship comes alive in the most physical way."