June 22, 2021


Today, Powerhouse singer/songwriter/producer Noga Erez announces her highly anticipated headlining 2021-2021 world tour. Noga will perform tracks off her new album KIDS bringing her impeccable choreography and bombastic sound for the first time in North America. She will make her US festival debut at Lollapalooza this Summer followed by performances at Firefly, ACL Fest, Shaky Knees & Outside Lands.

Full tour dates below + here:

The singer also releases a video for album opener, Cipi. Directed by Omri Rozi and shot in Berlin with a fierce crew of dancers, it is another example of Noga & ROUSSO’s inimitable talent and creative artistry.

“Cipi is about coping with mental weakness while constantly being in an environment where drugs and pills and medication are offered as a way to cope,” Noga explains. “It can be hard to say no when all you want is something to numb the pain. The Cipi video is a visualization of the mind during that time...and the multiple voices inside of it. It’s a depiction of what you think the drugs might do before you do it, cleaning up the chaos in your head. I have many that are close to me, whose lives have been saved by getting proper medical help. It’s a very personal decision. But for me, I know I did the right thing the times I've said no, and am scared by what might have happened if I hadn’t. This song comes from my own personal experience in dealing with this."

KIDS explores themes of tension and release, anxiety and remedy, and masterly melodic licks in swipes of stomping brass, wrapped around Noga’s versatile vocals that quick-switch from clipped flow to smoky purr; from stadium chorus to street-ready beats. Crafted with her creative and life partner, Ori Rousso, the album comes packed with chart-worthy outspoken pop anthems for the 21st century.