Out Now: Stuart A. Staples - Music for Claire Denis' High life

May 03, 2019

Today marks the release of Stuart A. Staples' album 'Music for Claire Denis' High life' which represents the pinnacle of Stuarts work for director Claire Denis. The 8th soundtrack in a varied and challenging body of work by himself or his band tindersticks. From the seminal orchestral romanticism of 'Trouble every day', the dry intense African landscapes of 'White material' and the dark, electronic brooding of 'Les Salauds', 'High life' is the most ambitious and experimental score to date. The album also features the trac 'Willow' performed by tindersticks featuring Robert Pattinson

We were able to get our hands on a view copies of the very limited clear vinyl edition, which you can now also order from our shop. Please see link below: