Roosevelt announces new album ‘POLYDANS’ + new single 'Feels Right'

October 07, 2020

Today, Marius Lauber (known internationally as celebrated producer, DJ, songwriter, and electronic musician Roosevelt) has released his new song “Feels Right” in conjunction with the announcement of his hotly-anticipated new album ‘Polydans’ (out Feb 26, 2021 via City Slang / Greco-Roman). The album serves as a kind of love letter to dance music, with Roosevelt embracing his own musical history and his love of the multi-faceted nature of the genre, and reconnecting with the intimate nuances that can make dance music feel truly alive.

From early childhood piano lessons (that showcased a preference for emotional improvisation over disciplined learning), to an adolescence spent playing guitar, bass and drums in numerous bands, to a love affair with DJing sparking in his late teens in Cologne which eventually took him to venues like LUX in Lisbon, Fabric in London, and Panorama Bar in Berlin, Roosevelt’s musical upbringing was varied and diverse, but always centered on feeling the music and using it as a vehicle for connection.

After taking a 4-piece live band around the world playing over 100 live shows and performing at numerous festivals tied to the success of his second album ‘Young Romance’, Marius decided to take some time to sit in his studio, reflect on his meteoric success in the pop music world (including becoming an in-demand producer, collaborating with Classixx and Washed Out and remixing artists like Rhye, Glass Animals, Chvrches and Charlotte Gainsbourg) and refocus himself on his musical roots. Hearkening back to the intimate clubs he’d DJ in, he sought to unearth the beating heart of dance music, where passion and excitement is woven into the intimate nuances of the genre, and the physical relationship between the DJ and those on the dance floor. Playing almost every instrument on the record, Roosevelt created ‘Polydans’ by swirling together the spirits of 80s synth, disco, analogue, Yacht rock, and delirious dance floor euphoria with amazing results.

With album cut “Feels Right” is out today, Roosevelt is making it clear what fans can expect from the warm and versatile ‘Polydans’ project. The track is an ode to adhering to your own intuition, bolstered by a swinging bassline and featuring a grand mega-watt chorus brimming with electronic flourishes, synths, and percussion, finding its funk backbone influenced by avant-garde dance legends ESG. Feeling effortlessly free and inviting, the track is a prime example of the ways Roosevelt balances his production, allowing each instrument to breathe and exist openly in the song’s sonic space. Like much of the new album, “Feels Right” is lush, exciting, and meticulously crafted.

Of the track, Roosevelt says “Feels Right” is about a feeling of stoic empowerment. When I wrote the song, it began with an ESG-influenced funk loop, which even in its rawest form had something very euphoric and playful. It’s definitely one of the songs on the album that came together really easily - one of these where the song dictates which direction to go rather than you overthinking it for weeks.”

Prior to “Feels Right”, Roosevelt teased the variety to be found on ‘Polydans’ earlier this summer when he released album cuts “Sign” which Billboard said “balances 80s-inspired synth, disco, driving beats and cinematic textures into a musical amalgamation that simultaneously manages effervescence and heft,” and the follow-up “Echoes” which Stereogum described as a “strobe-lit and expansive cut that locks into an insistent groove and periodically explodes into bright colors,” and Earmilk called a “groovy space disco offering”.

“It felt incredibly liberating to realize that I’m in a position now to go to the studio everyday and just do the music that feels right,” he says. “In this respect, ‘Polydans’ is my most personal album yet, as there hasn’t been any creative limitations – I just did what made me happy.”

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