SEASONAL SHIFT is out today!

December 04, 2020

FINALLY! Calexico's festive album “SEASONAL SHIFT” is out today!

To celebrate the release, the band shares a video of their single featuring Bombino. “Heart OF Downtown” is not only a standout track of their release but is also one of the best Calexico songs of the last decade! ⁠Video by Jonny Sanders.

You can order the album now and watch the full video here

“a welcome original twist on a Christmas album… Joey Burns and John Convertino are masters of incorporating Latin flavours into their work.” ★★★★ The Sun

“Fabulous… Swapping out snowy imagery for sand-hewn Tex Mex grit, this is ace gear.”
★★★★ Shindig

“..informed by the general spirit of seasonal holidays, which is as much reflective as celebratory. So alongside a version of Venezuelan festive classic ‘Mi Burrito Sabenero’ sit the dolorous, deliciously wintry ‘Nature’s Domain’ and the shimmering shuffle of ‘Glory’s Hope’.”
Uncut – 7/10

“The doyens of Tex-Mex Americana… It’s lively, atmospheric and festooned with horns, harmonies and good cheer, although their trademark air of wistfulness lingers in the background.”

“Covering most genres under the sun, Seasonal Shift has the diversity of a Quality Street tin. Alongside Anglo festivities there’s Venezuelan carol singing, Mexican electro, Nigerian desert-rock and Portuguese Fado, each performed by native guest artists bringing their own unique and merry spin to the mix… An energising and multicultural listen.”
The Rodeo – 4.3 / 5

“A Fresh perspective on a festive time"
★★★ Record Collector

“Many of these songs tends towards the reflective… Glory’s Hope is a lovely atmospheric instrumental. The most heartwarming seasonal song is Mi Burrito Sabanero featuring Gaby Moreno.”
★★★ MOJO