See You Again - new video!

March 10, 2021

Roosevelts new video for 'See You Again' is out now featuring Lyo and Max

Last week Roosevelt released ‘Polydans, a love letter to electronic music. An album engineered with the precision and expertise of a production master yet born from the creative passion of the genre’s biggest fan. Playing almost every instrument on the record, Roosevelt created ‘Polydans’ by swirling together the spirits of 80s synth, disco, analogue, Yacht rock and delirious dancefloor euphoria with amazing results. It is, quite simply, a feast for fans of the electronic genre, and a feat of expertly crafted pop that feels current yet nostalgic, club-ready yet heartachingly warm.

Today he pairs his wistful electronica with a poignant, cyberpunk video by Hector Prats about togetherness and hopefulness in the digital age for his latest single ‘SEE YOU AGAIN’, premiered via EARMILK alongside a feature earlier today.

This song is from the new record POLYDANS! ⁠