Sen Morimoto : Deeper : New Single

October 12, 2023

Chicago artist Sen Morimoto is back with the next single, “Deeper” from his forthcoming LP Diagnosis. The song harkens back to Morimoto’s earlier works as he floats between jazz guitar with angelically dreamy vocal melodies and nimble raps. It’s a serene moment on the album otherwise full of menacing rock. The song is about attempting to experience the full depth of our emotions, good and bad.

Sen notes:

“There is a place in the center of my chest, tucked behind my heart, where only the most extreme depths of grief or joy make themselves known. When the context of everything in your life is squeezed into a single moment by the pressure of an overwhelming present it feels like you’re at the bottom of the ocean. Nothing’s deeper.”

The song follows singles “Bad State,” “Diagnosis” and “If The Answer Isn’t Love”.

Listen here!