Sen Morimoto : 'If The Answer Isn’t Love’ : New Single

May 02, 2023

Welcome our newest signing Sen Morimoto! ‘If The Answer Isn’t Love’, is the new single, out today!

On ‘If The Answer Isn’t Love’, Morimoto cruises through jazz inflected verses, bristling with tension, into joyous, honeyed choruses and fuzzed-out funk guitar solos. There’s a palpable sense of weight and sincerity to the lyrical delivery, with Sen truly wondering what the answer could be, if not love. There’s also bursts of jazz-cat flair and playfulness to his performance, as he pushes his music into exhilarating and unexpected new directions.

Speaking on the track Sen says: ‘In the face of imminent climate disaster, war and unending sickness it's natural to start considering what will remain and what might have made it all worth it. I want the sound of my music to reflect that same urgency - instruments warbling and splattered over the beat, melodies tangled and contradicting. I wrote this song about the enduring power of love and the struggle to hang onto that feeling when in crisis.’