Shares new track 'in|FLUX (Dan Deacon Fluxed Version)'

December 12, 2022

Anna B Savage 
- Shares new track "in|FLUX (Dan Deacon Fluxed Version)"
- Album out Feb 17th via City Slang
- European tour dates announced

After recently announcing her new album 'in|FLUX' is due Feb 17th via City Slang and sharing the title-track, Anna B Savage is back with a rework of the single by Dan Deacon.

Speaking about the track, Savage said "I first saw Dan Deacon in 2009- my boyfriend had a spare ticket and I went expecting a totally normal gig experience. Instead, I had a totally magnificent, interactive, confusing gleeful, sweaty and expansive time. I can’t believe he knows who I am, let alone that he’s done a remix of my song.

I love the jigsaw approach he’s taken to in|FLUX. His additional choral expanses elevate everything, and also speak so acutely to me as the daughter of professional choral singers. The resolution at the end takes me back to being that sweaty teenager again smashing in to people and dancing around them at his show. I love it and him."

Dan Deacon added "This remix was tricky because the original instrumentation and song structure are perfect and already a non traditional approach. Anna’s arrangements and her choices in how she unfolds them are what drew me to her music. So with this remix I worked backwards from my remix methodology. My goal was to create a track with more traditional structure from her inventive form. Thinking about it this way helped me focus on the vocal harmony growth. Basically my attempt was to keep the energy Anna created while shifting the peaks and valleys around."