Sophia Kennedy's I'm Looking Up

April 21, 2021

Baltimore-born Hamburg-based Sophia Kennedy will release her second album Monsters on May 7th via City Slang. Early singles have made the rounds, gaining notice from the likes of NPR, The FADER, KCRW, and none other than Iggy Pop who recently shouted out Sophia and played "Cat On My Tongue" on his BBC 6 Radio show!

Today Sophia shares the disjointed, piano-led new single “I’m Looking Up” with a suspenseful video directed by Rosanna Graf. “I’m Looking Up” showcases Sophia’s distinct, plaintive alto vocal register as the song swells to a percussive crescendo.

Sophia shares: "The song is an attempt to somehow describe the heavy feeling of loss and grief. When you lose someone you are suddenly exposed to a new form of reality - it comes crashing in your life without a warning and makes you question your own existence.” Adding, “But the song also has a psychedelic level - it's a somewhat childish, naive view of looking up into the sky and searching for someone or something that has gone forever. To me it’s an extreme piece of music, because it is an extreme experience to lose someone you love.”

“The video was directed by Rosanna Graf and the shoot took place in the early hours at a remote road by Berlin.” Says Sophia. “The video was intended to work through its simplicity : It was shot out of the trunk of a car, which I chased for hours. We wanted to create the feeling of somehow lifting off, in a mysterious way - where you might ask yourself : Is she flying, running or falling? Why does it feel a bit discomforting but also intriguing at the same time?”