SPRINTS : Shadow of a Doubt : New Single

November 15, 2023

Ahead of the release of their debut album, Letter To Self, Dublin band, SPRINTS have released a brand new single titled, 'Shadow Of A Doubt' – listen to the track below.

On the new single, Karla Chubb, SPRINTS' lead vocalist, says

"Shadow Of A Doubt is our most vulnerable moment to date. It very bluntly deals with the experience of trauma, depression and the aftermath. It was written quite selfishly - to take the weight of some of those feelings off myself by placing them on a page in an attempt to feel like I was healing, or ridding myself of them. An entirely cathartic process.

The slow and intensifying build, the crashing drums, swirling guitars and chaotic climax all symbolise that pure terrifying fall into darkness, and the almost silent call for help. It’s the feeling of loneliness, abandonment and exile. It’s shouting out into the void and thinking everyone can hear you, but they can’t.

The vocal was recorded in three takes with jagged breaths and some misstepped lyrics purposefully left in. Here, we felt emotion was more important than perfection"

Transforming pain into truth, passion into purpose and perseverance into strength, the Dublin four-piece have steadily grown in stature over the last three years, sharing two acclaimed EPs and building a fearsome live reputation opening for the likes of Yard Act and Suede. Letter To Self is the sound of SPRINTS co levelling up once again, revisiting their most vulnerable moments and imbuing their visceral garage-punk with a palpable sense of catharsis that we can all benefit from.

SPRINTS have shared the latest single from their highly anticipated debut album Letter To Self – which is set for release on January 5.

The garage punk-rockers are set to tour Ireland next spring as well as headlining London's iconic Heaven as part of a huge UK / EU tour. They have also announced their first-ever US tour in March 2024.