Strangers is out today!

December 09, 2020

Roosevelt’s forthcoming album ‘Polydans’ will drop February 26, 2021 (via City Slang / Greco-Roman) and will serve as an undeniable feast for electronic music fans, offering a cornucopia of perfectly blended musical styles, instrumentation and passion. And today, Marius Lauber (aka Roosevelt) drops “Strangers”, a perfect example of what’s to come from the forthcoming record, bridging together disco, French house, and Yacht rock with the orchestral stylings of renowned string quartet the Kaiser Quartett who made a special guest appearance to send the track sky-high.

The track was a laborious project in particular for Marius, who says that the track’s conception and execution lasted the entire recording process of the whole album. Strangers is a track from the album that took me from day one to basically the last day before the deadline, so it definitely was a tough nut to crack. It started as a French house-inspired loop, which had just the bass line and a drum sample, but I layered so many instruments on top of it, that it turned into this very rich yacht rock production. It also features a recording of real strings, played by the infamous Kaiser Quartett, who are touring with Chilly Gonzales. It was super exciting to get a string arrangement from them to something that I wrote, they also really took the track to another level.”

Listen HERE