Synth Pop from Istanbul

January 27, 2017

Arkadaslar! Jakuzi don’t sound like any other band out there right now, most certainly not like any other band on City Slang. They've released their first single "Koca Bir Saçmalik" today, from the album “Fantezi Müzik” out March 24th via City Slang... more on the release after the jump, but first, stream/preorder the album or watch the video here:

Their debut album 'Fantezi Müzik' could be described as a lo-fi pop masterpiece from a faraway time, place and perhaps an alternate universe. That has a bit to do with the birthplace of this extraordinary band, a place that can often feel like a million dimensions: Istanbul, Turkey! While music fans and the press were busy catching up on the Turkish legacy of 70s rock and psychedelia, a very active and vibrant underground music scene was developing under the radar in Istanbul. Jakuzi are the latest offspring, and their debut record might just change the international perception of contemporary Turkish music. The debut album 'Fantezi Müzik’ will be released on City Slang worldwide March 24th.