Tindersticks 30 year anniversary tour for spring 2022!⁠⁠

May 25, 2021

Tindersticks 30 year anniversary tour for Spring 2022!

It will involve 2 sets, the 1st as a 5 piece & the 2nd with guests augmented by a string orchestra or quartet.

Thank you for your patience, we can’t wait for this extra special tour 🖤

A note from Tindersticks:

We are happy and relieved to be able to announce our anniversary tour for springtime 2022.

We have been and are greatly missing being able to play our music together and for you. But what better time to return than to celebrate 30(!) years of somehow being able to stay dedicated to doing our own thing. And we are well aware and grateful that this has been made possible by the support of our audience.

Even though we are not ones to look backwards this seems a time to savour and enjoy for many reasons. We are planning 2 sets each evening, the first as a 5 piece and the second with many of the musicians who have been part of our rich musical family over the years, with most evenings augmented by a local string orchestra.

With the help of our promoters the venues have been very carefully chosen: Some favourites and some we have been trying to play for a long time.

We are very much hoping to see you all there!

To coincide we are working with City Slang to create a career spanning release and other ways to mark this special time. More soon on all this.

Roll on 2022!

With love