Tindersticks Release See My Girls EP Today

January 23, 2020

Today, Tindersticks release the four-song See My Girls EP, along with a video for the title track which was created by the Tindersticks’ Stuart A Staples and Sidonie Osborne Staples. The four song EP features a radio edit of “See My Girls,” an instrumental dub version of the track and two new songs - the David Boulter penned instrumental “A Street Walker’s Carol” and “Blood And Bone,” with Sidonie on lead vocals. The EP is a companion to Tindersticks’ 2019 release No Treasure but Hope. The See My Girls EP will be available as a 12” on February 7th in the UK and March 20th in the U.S.

Pitchfork called No Treasure but Hope “sensuous and sunlit,” and Aquarium Drunkard says “while many of the compositions are soft, enveloping soundscapes, much of No Treasure floats in a dim vastness, reveling in the existentialism and singularity of being human.”

“’See My Girls’ is a song about isolation, tourism, migration, and as part of No Treasure but Hope about the beauty and terror of the world,” says Staples. “It was written on Ithaca and from the perspective of a small island, looking out with wonder and apprehension across the sea and beyond. The film is a collaboration with my daughter Sidonie Osborne Staples. After much preparation and experimentation, she made a continuous, layered illustration of her interpretation of the song, around 50mm high and 3m in length.”

Click here to listen / pre-order the 12” vinyl.

Find 'No Treasure But Hope' here.