Dan Mangan announces new Album with heartfelt ballad "Just Fear"

September 11, 2018

Dan Mangan announces new album 'More Or Less' with heartfelt ballad 'Just Fear'

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Today Vancouver-based artist Dan Mangan has announced details of his new album ‘More or Less’, which will be released on November 2nd via City Slang (Arts & Crafts in North America).

‘More Or Less’ is about “witnessing birth, and in some ways rebirth”, says Dan Mangan. “It’s about feeling disconnected from a popular identity and becoming acclimated to a new one. It’s about raising kids in a turbulent world. It’s about unanswerable questions and kindness and friendship and fear.”

‘More Or Less’ is an album that Mangan claims “feels more like ‘me’ than ever. More sparse. Less meticulous. More kids. Less time. More direct. Less metaphor. More discovery. Less youth. More warmth. Less chaos.”

“Trump had recently been elected and there was a lot of fear in the air”, says Mangan. “People were in denial because the lynchpin of western democratic society had been pulled. Truth was fluid. Reality was fluid. Still is. I needed a silver lining. Holding a newborn baby is a bit supernatural. It’s a slap in the face of the rat race. New life, like sudden death, cannot help but conjure feelings of mortality, absolution, and gratitude. Newborns are so precious and innocent - so beautifully fresh and unsullied by fear or greed or ego. It’s like you lift the baby in the air and yell to the whole world: ‘Hey guys! We get one more shot at not screwing this up!’”