Vera Sola : I'm Lying : New Single

December 06, 2023

Vera Sola recently announced that she will be releasing her second album, her first in five years, Peacemaker, on 2 February 2024. Following previous singles 'Desire Path' and 'The Line' she has today shared 'I'm Lying'. Of the many cinematic perspectives that frame Peacemaker's landscape, 'I'm Lying' is among the most intimate. Peering through the distortion made by raindrops on glass, she recites lyrics both tender and vividly surreal ("I feel safe with you on Pillow street"), and offers, at the end, a twist more befitting something on a film screen than is often found in song. Along with the single Vera Sola has also announced UK, European and US tour dates.

Speaking of the track Vera Sola says:

"At some point, nearly every person close to me has speculated about who or what this song is about. All of them have been wrong. However—it’s an emotionally complex song. Whatever you might feel in it—sadness, humor, honesty, deception—it’s all in there."

"I wrote it during a thunderstorm, while spending the night in the studio where I was recording Shades, and discarded it promptly. Years later, I was in some unthinking state, playing the main lick while hanging around waiting for band practice to start, when my friend and drummer Wyatt Bertz flagged it as worthwhile, thus rescuing it from the trash heap. That’s Wyatt and his drum part you hear on the recording."