Efterklang - Plexiglass
Efterklang - Plexiglass

Efterklang Plexiglass

June 21, 2022


The Plexiglass EP' holds five new Efterklang songs that showcases a more introspective and abstract side to the Danish trio’s work. Songs like Laughing in the Rain and Brænder also offers moments of hopeful light, as heard on the band’s most recent album Windflowers’ (City Slang, October 2021).

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Speaking on the new collection, Efterklang’s Casper Clausen comments: “Plexiglass is a mid-summer bouquet of various kinds - new and older song seeds we've nurtured and bred in cohesion with each other, with help from so many dear and talented friends. Plexiglass feels like the darker side to Windflowers, a place where we dared to stare a bit deeper into the shadows of our sound and songwriting. At times it propels me back to our early work on Tripper and Parades, for example the glitchiness of "Rain Take Me Back Himalaya” and the journey of “Limited Memory”- I’m very grateful that these songs found a way to join each other on Plexiglass.”