KAINA - Caista

KAINA Caista

September 15, 2021

“‘Casita’ is about all the people I miss. I miss sharing space in my home, staying up way too late talking shit and laughing - I miss sharing my mother’s cooking with friends and family. It is heavily inspired by early 2000’s pop & R&B music and I tried to lean heavily into the dramatics of the song by channeling that feel. Some music I referenced was made by The Cheetah Girls Movie and Oscar D’Leon. It was amazing working on this track with my good friends Luke Titus and Sen Morimoto who produced this track with my direction. It also features Brian Sanborn on guitar and Bay Area sweetheart La Doña on trumpet. The background vocals feature my mom, my aunt, and my dear friend Nnamdi” - KAINA ON “CASITA”