Zouj  - Tagat (Mixtape)

Zouj Tagat (Mixtape)

June 29, 2021




"Undoubtedly one of those rare gems that keeps you on your toes from start to finish" COLORS “Zouj' gazes into pop's surreal future” CLASH

Adventurous sound prodigy ZOUJ releases his debut mixtape titled ’TAGAT’ via City Slang on June 29th. AKA Adam Abdelkader Lenox, the Leipzig based French/Morrocan/American producer has already caused a stir in the international music blogosphere. Collecting all previous singles and several new tracks into a up to date exhibition of his fascinating output, ’TAGAT’ - meaning curse in Tamazight - is a bold statement of intent. Laced with destructive lyrics, it’s 9 tracks blend obnoxious percussion and obscure sound design at the intersection between organic and synthesised. It might sound like a hard and jagged pill to swallow, but fear not, the darkness is sugar coated with a colourful sound palette of quirky analog synthesisers, ultra catchy radio pop hooks, addictive bass-lines, pseudo modern RnB vocals and a huge dose of fun.

The son of a Morrocan Mother and an American father, Lennox grew up in the suburbs of Paris before relocating to Leipzig with his mother when he was 14. It didn’t t take long for him to make his mark, rising to to fame in the European noise DIY scene with his band Lingua Nada. Far too playful, weird and ambitious for the mainstream and without press or radio exposure, the band toured Europe non-stop for 5 years and gained a dedicated fan base. However, the limitations of the scene he found himself in where too narrow for Lenox, who restless soul yearned for something more both personally and musically. And so, he started his own scene.

ZOUJ is all about finding the soul in synthetic sounds: “I’m trying to make my machines sound human by emulating errors, randomness and tempo ups-and-downs while i’m trying my best as a human to sound like a machine.” But ZOUJ is a lot more than a music project. Lenox works with an ever-growing network of musicians, photographers, directors, animators, toy makers and graphic artists to create a synthesis of sound, visuals, symbols, dress and movement. The magic ingredient is in the heart of these collaborations. In the three months since the release of the first ZOUJ single, “Anxious Sleep,” he landed synch deals with NIKE and GUCCI, along with fashion designer All Amin aka HARAM WITH SUGAR. US stoner entertainment kings ADULT SWIM have featured ZOUJ on OFF THE AIR along with his out-of-this-world videos.

There are countless motivational quotes about the “roads less travelled,” but ZOUJ has found the best part of paving your own way is the people you meet and connect with on the journey. That is all part of the DIY culture. A future marked with solidarity is exciting and disruptive of the status quo. Not marching to a mundane beat creates something jazzy and chaotic. And in that jazzy chaos is where you will find ZOUJ.