Nada Surf - Just Wait

Director: Mark Pellington

"Just Wait” is an ambitious venture and collaboration . It is a ruminative, hypnotic journey through a nocturnal universe of light, love and time. The music film is a performance- based piece featuring Matthew Caws, in an intimate yet abstract allegory——a beautiful exploration of human immersion into landscapes both man-made and natural.

It is an optimistic, philosophical film, hinting at themes of endurance and memory, patience and perspective. In equal measures poignant and haunting, "Just Wait” is an emotional film, resplendent with both epic and naturalistic observational imagery shot in Los Angeles, Cambridge and Sydney.

The sci-fi tone, abstract movement, and textured architectural imagery was inspired by, according to Pellington, “the pure feeling, the purity of Matthew’s voice, the oblique lyrical content and the hypnotic music by Nada Surf”